How does it work?

  • 1 - choose the destination or its inquiry criteria
  • 2 - The application generates a QR Code
  • 3 - Print this QR code and place it at the exit of the place, on equipment, on a business card, on the last page of a presentation (training, conference...)
  • Finally, on our site, analyze statistics and results for surveys in real time
    Intended for:
  • Business leaders
  • Quality Managers
  • Traders
  • Speakers
  • Artists, writers, actors
  • Of course not exhaustive list...

Interest of poll mode:

You will be able to:

  • to have the opinion of your customers without it being disseminated...practical for the provision of services (trainers, speakers, etc.)
  • Remarks are not broadcast and therefore will not harm you!
  • Some customers will not hesitate to give you good advice when they would not on a published review
  • You can insert a redirect link after the survey to a product page or a promo.

secure QR codes

Via our servers

  • A QR code is a link like any other!
  • ... the tam-tam label is a "performance guarantee"
  • our QR codes pass through our servers
  • With title and subtitle, your customer knows where he is going!

How to retain customers?

What our solution brings you

  • Easily create contact with your customers
  • Use your pdf or image documents (free hosting)
  • Analyze the statistics of views, polls (by periods, day of the week, time slots, etc.)
  • Redirect the customer to a page on their website or a PDF document (menu, instructions, etc.)
  • in survey mode, allow users (customers, viewers, readers, participants, etc.) to give their opinion by leaving their email address or anonymously.